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They always try to milk as much as possible out of people. The vibe is just not as positive anymore — on the sales floor or in the break room. And now we sell an insane assortment of pens?? The Nook is way behind and the Book department is all but gone. My store is using the old Nook tables for book displays, and only the Nook desk has any Nooks to try out. Even the Nook leads are gone. In short, the Nook is just another thing to buy, so its existence is negligible in terms of survival. Corporate seems to be scrambling, there is no clear direction.

The stores are understaffed, especially after cutting of the most well trained full time employees. Company is scrambling to stay afloat. Low-paying, no room for advancement once you become assistant manager as store managers are often hired from big box retailers and not promoted from the inside.

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I love the staff, however the company makes a lot of backwards thinking decisions. For example, shoveling millions of dollars into our tablets and e-reader without having any true experience in device technology and tech-industry experts at the helm. The cutbacks in staffing kill our level of customer service, and it is increasingly difficult to keep high-performing employees at the low level of pay we offer.

The pay is poor, employee retention is poor, our executives make really bad decisions, and our hardware and software technologies are years behind, making it very difficult to do our jobs and serve our customers. The organizational culture is not maintained throughout the entire organization, some locations are much better places to work compared to others. Moreover, there are favoritism by management as it pertains to their employees, some employees tend to be more valued than others.

Employees at a lower level are treated as assets rather than humans, and there is a lack of diversity higher up the hierarchy. Nevertheless, the company is very adaptive to their external environment, and uphold a positive reputation among their business partners and vendors. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years.

I once got yelled at for a secret shop.

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It was at a tire store. I was a technician and answered the phone because it had been ringing for a while and the people up front were completely ignoring it. I made a good faith effort to get the customer what they needed, gave them three price points, gave the advantages of the more expensive ones etc.

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It all could have been avoided by our boss just doing his job. We were literally going above and beyond and were chastised for it. Sounds almost identical to Borders just before they closed all their stores. Especially the printing off coupons after every purchase. It was pretty ridiculous towards the end. Possibly because customers were often asking to borrow pens from the staff so that they could write titles down and then order the book from Amazon. So, in line with their usual too-slow-to-react thinking, they probably figured we may as well try to sell inexpensive pens as lend them out for free.

Of course by now, because of the ubiquitous smartphone, customers just take photos of the book covers or desired content, and then order the book from Amazon if they buy them at all.

I guess the company thinks that selling a cup of coffee at a reduced price is better than getting no sale at all. Still, I and my colleagues would much rather work there than at Walmart. Will people ultimately bemoan the fact that there are no longer any brick and mortar stores?

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But that extra dollar or two in their pocket now apparently outweighs the purportedly-unknown of the future. Perhaps you have a better strategy?

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Their is literally no sale so cheap that a store could ever possibly lose money selling drinks. I think you need to reword your article. Were you trying to quote someone? I love the cafe.

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Get a slice of chocolate cheesecake and a latte. Staffing levels are way down and thus the staff ends up being overworked and of course there are no advancement opportunities. Books a Million is another bookstore chain that operates in the U. I have seen toys in Barnes and Noble, as well as Funkos, pop culture things, board games, etc.

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  • Depends on where you go in the store. The Funko stuff, as well as the pop culture figures, are right up front in my Barnes and Noble. Indigo, Saunders noted, is thinking of coming to the United States -- so Barnes had better act fast, before a strong competitor makes a bad situation worse. And digital content sales fell The company said in the report that by outsourcing certain operations and making other changes, Nook can stave off further losses.

    The company's many physical locations -- it owns more than bookstores -- set it apart from online retailers like Amazon. Amazon killed the bookstore. Now it's opening one. Personal Finance. CNNMoney Sponsors.