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Saxenda is a once-daily injected GLP-1 agonist that will come in a pen offering up to a 3.

Help Patients Save on Saxenda® | Saxenda® (liraglutide) injection 3 mg

While Victoza causes a bit of weight loss in many patients, the larger dose of liraglutide in Saxenda helps patients lose much more weight. Saxenda was a complicated drug to approve, given that its use for obesity at a 3.

What is weight loss medication?

That said, many people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes were in the clinical trials for Saxenda, and the results in preventing diabetes and improving blood glucose levels were extremely impressive. Participants with prediabetes on Saxenda were more likely to revert to normal glucose levels meaning no diabetes or prediabetes at all!

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There is no doubt that many patients with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes will use Saxenda to manage their weight, with the added benefit of improved glucose levels. Overall, we are very pleased to see this approval provide another treatment option for those looking to manage their weight — indeed, Saxenda marks the fourth such drug approved by the FDA since Belviq , Contrave , Qsymia.

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It is increasingly difficult to manage weight in our challenging food environment , a factor compounded by a human biology that resists weight loss. What do patients and experts have to say about Saxenda? She also reported that Saxenda reduced her appetite and eliminated all cravings.

FDA Approves Novo Nordisk’s Saxenda as a Treatment for Chronic Weight Management

Kelly Close Founder, The diaTribe Foundation urged the FDA panel to consider that there are presently zero drug classes approved to treat prediabetes, proposing the approval of Saxenda as the first step toward addressing this disparity. Patient Reviews from. There aren't enough reviews to display information about this drug. If you have taken or are taking this drug, share your review.

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Weight loss drug shows promise, but with side effects

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