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All this Information? I look at ingredients for the food I buy for myself, how can I not do it for my dog. Orijen actually saved me money, LOL. I guess the company was recently sold, and changed the recipe. So, I had to buy lots of expensive treats to use for training the puppy. He likes his kibble better than the treats. Now, THAT is a true compliment. Imagine that, a dog liking his daily kibble better than his training treats! Warms my heart! While I was recovering from the shock of that surprise, I was hit with an even greater surprise.

PetLac milk replacer was purchased and we went online to compare ferret foods for the little girl. Orijen Cat and Kitten food was recommended above almost every other brand of food that is specially made for ferrets. Would you believe that next to none of the ferret foods on the market live up to those recommendations, and that Orijen Cat and Kitten came out on top for ferrets, especially for offering a wide variety of different proteins. My Alaskan Malamute pup will not eat the new food from Kentucky. I have to put treats or human food in it now for him to eat it.

He use to gobble it up. If you have large dogs this food will be pricey. The cost simply reflects the quality of the protein in the food. For small dog owners the cost increase is minimal and well worth it. My dog seems to like it.

I have used Orijen and Acana both made by Champion. I am very disappointed since they cut some of the ingredients and no longer vacuum pack the food. I rotate between the beef and fish. When I opened the bag before you could really strong smell and now there hardly any smell. I paid the price because one of my own dogs and one foster dog has allergies so what I paid for dog food saved me in vet bills. Looks like another good food is going down the drain. I will be searching for another good food. As of now I started making them home made. Very disappointed in Champion lowering the standards.

You can verify this by calling Chewy and they will tell you. I read about it on line. Try Timberwolf Organics or Horizon Legacy. Those are the brands I am using in place of Orijen now. You get what you pay for. Plain and simple. Sadly, Orijen has lost my confidence due to the lack of quality coming out of their plant in Kentucky. Skin, ears, and we thought possibly it was allergies-although she was avoiding the food- then the second week into the second bag, her skin has erupted into open wounds, she has watery stool and is only eating when very hungry. While investigating the new plant, I stumbled across a conversation between two pet store workers who had met with the Champion people who bought out or joined with, whatever Orijen.

They were discussing the number of pets who were having health problems with the new Adult formula coming out of Kentucky, as well as the fact taht QC was bad- plastic was found in the food- and that many were switching their pets from Orijen. They both commented on how odd it was to see people leaving Orijen. Unless we can get the Canadian formula, made in the original Northstar plant- we are not purchasing Orijen dog food again. I feel the same way!!! It was one of the only dog foods that did not give him gas. My Sammy absolutely loved the Orijens 6 Fish kibble however it did give him a little gas.

After almost 5 years feeding Orijens , I am considering switching back to NV for 2 reasons. First, even though the Orijens is labelled 6 Fish the main protein source is chicken. If you check the ingredients in the Orijens cat food however they use fish as the sole protein. NV also uses fish as the main ingredient namely salmon but do not guarantee it sources only Pacific Salmon. I am tempted to feed him the NV Salmon kibble and sprinkle the Orijens Salmon cat kibble on top to achieve approximately the same protein content.

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I want to update my previous comments on the ingredients in the Orijens 6 Fish dog kibble. It appears that Orijens made changes or had different versions of the ingredients for the 6 Fish dog kibble. I had purchased a couple of bags of 10 lb Orijens 6 Fish kibble on clearance from an online store and those were the ones that had chicken as the main ingredient. The bags had 10 months before they expired. The kibble size was notably smaller from what I had previously purchased. The 28 lb bags I normally got from my local store had salmon as the first ingredient listed.

All of this has me wondering if this is the result of changes they have been making to their manufacturing locations. They should disclose the manufacturing location of the product on the bag. I will definitely be monitoring their product more closely due to these inconsistencies.

I ordered the adult which he has had in the past before I switched to senior he ate right away!! Not sure what the problem was but Mr Chewy was kind enough to refund me on the senior food made in USA. I presently use Orijen for my dogs. Can you please give us some insight on the new Orijen brand made in the US compared to the Canadian ingredients.

I probably will change to another brand, and not happy about it. My very active 7-yr old border collie does extremely well on Orijen, his coat gleams, he is very healthy and maintains an appropriate weight. Does anyone have information? He has always been a picky eater, and at almost 11 years old is even less interested in food. Sammy can still play hard with our 5 month old English Lab, though he needs a little more rest afterwards. The only thing that would make Orijen better would be that it was American made, but Canada rocks too.

I was wondering what type of oriijen dog food you would think you be best for my two mini doxies. Your review is not completely accurate. It is now made in the USA also. The kibble appears different. Now I do not stress out! Cheaper too! I dont think this food is pricey for two main reasons: — if you spend less money on cheap low quality foods, you animals are going to pay a high price for it with its health and well- being.

If you feed them junk, you are goj g to spend to s of money on vet bills, and perhpas even shorten their lives. My German Shepherds get obe cup in the morning, one at night, and they are solid, energetic and happy. My dogs mean everything to me. I want them to be with me for a long time, and I want them to be healthy. Been feeding this food to my dog for eight years.

Received my first bag made in US. Broke out in hot spots within three days into the new bag. The new formula Original Flavor has substituted animal meal as protein rather than real meat protein. They have substituted mackerel fish for salmon. Mackeral fish is known as junk fish to fishermen.

They have also shortened the bag weight from My dogs immediately had bowel problems when give the new formula. Sadly, the bean counters have taken over quality control for Orijen. We fed out dogs Orijen made in Canada for years and did really, really great. At first my dogs did ok — not great but ok. But soon they started having problems, then more and more problems.

Now they will not eat any Orijen at all.

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As soon as we put them on another dog food, all problems stopped and their appetite returned. Sorry Orijen, you lost a customer for good. I did research into where they are sourcing and their fish is now coming from a fish farm in Western Kentucky where the pond is only a few acres in size. That is why they now state on their packaging FreshWater Fish…. That fish farm has farm fields around that pond and one of my concerns was runoff from those fields into the pond.

With soo much Round-Up and 2,4-D being used on crops by farmers just want to be safe…. When it comes to other ingredients in your product line, are any suppliers using Round-Up. There are many people that we come in contact with that do dog performance sports in both the USA and Canada and they too are concerned about the direction of Champion Pet Foods and are on the fence right now in the USA from buying your products.

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Major kudos to you! I have her blood work done every 6 mos by a special lab in CA which, is fantastic, Dr.. However, I repeatedly found many extremely sharp bone shards in the Orijen freeze-dried food when I broke the medallions part before adding water to feed them to my dog. I wrote to the company and sent photos and I filed a complaint with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently. I have not been impressed with the response from the company which is to suggest in a very patronizing fashion that the bones are cartilage and soften if subjected to warm water.

To the contrary, the many bone fragments that I discovered most assuredly do not dissolve in water! In addition, there are sharp pieces of shells from sunflower seeds and these, together with the razor sharp bones, are sufficient to perforate the esophagus, stomach or intestine. There have also been lawsuits against the company in Australia and elsewhere as I discovered in conducting research. I no longer feed this product to our beloved dog, as a result.

If a company is charging a premium price, justifiably, for a high quality product, you would expect them to take quality control issues seriously. Other companies who produce similar dog foods, in the freeze-dried category, are able to offer their products free of bone shards and obviously pay the requisite attention to the quality of ingredients provided by suppliers and to their manufacturing processes.

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  5. I provide this feedback as I do not wish others to feed their dogs the Orijen freeze-dried foods who do not break the medallions apart, following the package instructions and unwittingly have their dogs sustain injuries. For those who can afford premium dog foods, it is wise to examine the food for sharp bone matter that should not be present. Great food. My doberman is extremely picky. He turned his nose up at every food I tried. I got a sample of the Orijens Regional Red and he gulped it down.

    He eats this daily and loves it. It is a little higher to feed him this, but his coat and teeth show the difference. I put days of research into finding the best possible dry dog food for my 3 long haired miniature dachshunds. Orijen is my pick! I love my dogs to pieces and want them to have a long life without expensive vet bills.

    Why would you feed this to your dog? Orijen is amazing on so many levels from the raising of the meat, to the processing, to the lack of additives because is is naturally complete, to the nutritious plant based ingredients, the lack of recalls, no nasty imports from China God knows what is in that! If you really love your dog. Feed the best!

    It is not that expensive because of the extremely high quality, you use much less. My 20 lb. I probably could use even less realistically. I trust this brand and will use nothing inferior. I fed my Bouvier Orijen 6 years ago. These people changed the formula without warning the customer. My dog became extremely ill.

    I attempted to contact Orijen many many times. Customer service is non-existent. If you hate your dog; feed them Orijen. Hi, I have a dachshund that is about a year and a half. Recently, she started having seizures only 2 so far. I switched her to Orijen Original in hopes that her seizures were food related.

    She has been eating Orijen for about 2 weeks and loves it! But, the past couple of days, her personality and behavior has been very different. She seems to be in a fog, is mopey and her whole body is very stiff when you touch her. Has anyone experienced this? My dog loves Orijen! She loves this brand. A small bag of the food I believe 3 lbs lasts me a month. After having fed Orijen to my 3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis for 5 years, I began noticing they were having the health problems that go along with feeding kibble — even the best kibble. They now eat a raw meat diet, along with selected organic veggies and fruits.

    They love it and are healthier dogs. I just read a review of various dog foods especially pertaining to the level of toxic metals in the foods analyzed. I was so concerned about the results showing that Orijen Original dog food scored extremely poorly. Has anyone else seen this analysis, which was conducted by Clean Label Project? I would appreciate any feedback.

    My dog has been eating orijen his entire life, breader started I continue, my last cocker spaniel I cooked for him chicken breasts sweet potatoes peas and carrots other vegetables also. Orijen Dog Food. Orijen dog food is widely considered to be one of, if not the best, dog foods on the market. Overall Ingredients. Please wait Solid Gold Dog Food. Rate this item: 1. Updated Updated on July 31, About the Author. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply.

    Tricia July 20, at pm Reply. Great food just to pricey Rate this item: 1. John January 2, at am Reply. Wal-mart has Old Roy. Maybe that will fit your budget. Tony February 13, at am Reply. Sandra Fritts April 10, at pm Reply. There is always 2 ways to say something, John. For example: 1 While it is true that Orijen is pricey, it has been my experience that if you want top quality, you will have to pay for top quality. Annette May 4, at pm Reply. Elsa Brown February 23, at am.

    Rino March 16, at pm Reply. Can you give me any feedback about it Rate this item: 1. Martha Hogan June 12, at am. Gail July 4, at pm. Lori July 9, at am Reply. Thank you!! Shelley September 25, at am Reply. JD December 24, at am Reply. Homer October 14, at am. Yes it is and there are recalls currently on all poultry kibble. Maggie October 10, at am Reply. Sherrie March 3, at am Reply. Debbie March 13, at pm Reply. Ran April 16, at am Reply. Donna Howell August 25, at pm Reply. Great food choice. Mickie loves it. Olivia October 16, at pm Reply.

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    My rottweiler Roxi loves this food amazing she is 2 and always eats Orajen. Jeremy October 17, at pm Reply. Jim April 10, at am Reply. Which Orijen are you feeding your Rotty? Casar November 3, at pm Reply. Robin November 23, at pm Reply. Rhonda December 14, at pm Reply. Sheri May 26, at pm Reply. Stay Happy and take good care, Sheri Rate this item: 1. April June 27, at am Reply. Lolol Rate this item: 1. Roberta Liford December 14, at pm Reply. AM April 24, at am Reply. Madeline Poole December 24, at am Reply. Jo February 3, at pm Reply.

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    Carla February 12, at pm Reply. The reason the vets push science diet is because Hills science diet trains them on nutrition. J,Tucker August 29, at pm Reply. Shawn September 5, at pm Reply. Science diet lobby most vets, so they recommend it Rate this item: 1. Christobel Hanz August 23, at am Reply. Phi January 5, at pm Reply.

    Haley January 29, at pm Reply. What recalls? C A April 24, at am Reply. Davis January 19, at pm Reply. Cindy February 19, at pm Reply. Davis February 25, at pm Reply. LG February 18, at pm Reply. Yes, but will save you trips to the vet in the long run. Chola my dog :P February 8, at am Reply.

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